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 cs 1.6 cheats

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PostSubject: cs 1.6 cheats   cs 1.6 cheats Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2007 3:23 pm

Cheat Codes

[color=#000000]impulse 100

go to console and type -sv_cheats 1 then restart the game....then type
bind mouse1 "+attack;impulse 100" and when you shoot,you won't hear any
sound...much like a when you use artic...peoplewon't know
that 'u' r using artic

[send by:bob]

Money and Weapons

To get 16000$ which is the max, sv_cheats must be on. So type in the following in your console:

sv_cheats 1 This will enable the cheats. After activating you must
restart the level/map. Then type in impuse 101 in your console and you
will have 16000 dollars! The other code is for the weapons. I dont want
to take all the time to explain all the weapon names because if you
already play Counter-Strike alot you should know the weapons/weapon
code names. to get the weapons you must have the cheats activated once
again sv_cheats 1. Now type the following in your console give
weapon_< -weapon name here- >

Adjust Gravity

After activating cheat mode in the console with sv_cheats 1 you can change gravity with sv_gravity <-999 - 999999>

Go To Map
activating cheat mode in the console with sv_cheats 1 you can change
gravity with changelevel < mapname >. For example: "changelevel
dust" (without the quotes of course).

Speed Upgraded To upgrade the speed of your movements, go to your console and type:

cl_forwardspeed 999. Repeat this with cl_sidespeed 999 and cl_backspeed
999... After doing all of these, you'll move VERY fast.

See Thru Wall

Type gl_zmax 100

gl_zmax 3600 will disable this cheat

C4 timer to 10 sec

Type the following in your console:

mp_c4timer 10

Auto aim only to sniper rifles

Type this in your console:

sv_cheats 1 and then type sv_aim

[color:38a0=#000000:38a0]See Others' Records

cl_hidefrags 0 = To see other peoples records of kills and deaths
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cs 1.6 cheats
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