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 cs-condition 0-cheats&tips

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PostSubject: cs-condition 0-cheats&tips   cs-condition 0-cheats&tips Icon_minitimeMon May 07, 2007 3:05 pm

Enable Cheat Mode
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~

Type in sv_cheats 1 this will enable the cheats

God mode
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~


Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~


Enemies Don't Target You
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~


Walk Through Walls
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~


No gravity
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~


Change Levels
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~

In the console type : "maps *" Then you have the list of all the available map for this game. Then Type in the console : "Chagelevel the_name_of_the_map." For example: changelevel cz_alamo

Weapon & Grenades
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~

use sv_cheats 1
then type in "impulse 101"
you'll receive a sniper rifle, a navy (I think that's the name) an ak 47, 3 grenades (flash; he and smoke) and a desert eagle
You will notice that the weapons you receive don't have extra clip, the only way to reload them is to change weapon, (i suggest knife) and then tipe the cheat again and again....

Weapons Cheats
Entry Location:
toggle the console by pressing ~

you need to type in to the console like "give weapon_ak74"; then you will get an ak74.
other weapon choices:
-famas (new weapon)
Hand gun :

Unlock Ammo
Type in the console window "get weaponname" where "weaponname" is one from the list below.
-buckshot(shotgun ammo)
Hand Gun Ammo:
-50ae (desert eagle)

<A TARGET="_top" HREF=""><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0></A>


Cs_Assault Shoot Through Roof
First you pick Terrorists when you start out. Then when you begin, go up to the doors that lead you into the hostage room, then look directly at them. Then look to your left, there should be a little hole in the bottom left hand corner of the wall. Go through that hole by crouching. After you have done this go to the corner of the ledge that you are standing on. Get in the crouch position in the corner and jump up and down (this is signaling for someone to jump on top of you).
Or you could tell someone to jump on you by typing. After the person is on top of you jump up and down and that person will shoot through the roof!

Submitted By: Bob Cat

Best Weapons For Pro In Order
1.Ak 47-Due to that fact that it is best for single shot headshot's
2.M4-A1-Good for shooting bursts to body or single shot's at head
3.MP5-Low price for beginning of a round and very fast Rate of Fire if you are good at quick headshot's
4.Bullpup-Try using this gun without scoping in, it is way more accurate! If you only go for long range headshot's this is the gun for you!
5.Awp-Good for a one hit kill be sure to aim at body because you don't get points for dieing after missing your headshot

Never Die
The best tactic for when in a gun fight situation. when you are in a game created by yourself, press the "x" button, and press the number "3". this tells your team mates to stick together. then, all you have to do is walk to some where and your whole team follows you. then, if you are in an arms fight, you can hide behind your team mates while they fire, and take an accurate gun and kill the enemies while they are killing your team mates, then you can get lots of kills with out hardly getting damaged.
A tactic for the Counter-Terrorist force. this is the best tactic for the counter terrorist force, because in the counter terrorist force, you have the shields, and if you start your own game, in the options, you can choose for your team mates that they can only use the shields and the grenades and pistols, then you press "x", then "3", then they will follow you with their shields, and there will be a massive wall of counter terrorists that will be indestructible, and you can move in one heave, and while the terrorists are busy shooting at you, when they reload, you can kill them with the whole team firing at once.

Submitted By: cko

The Better Guns
Now at the beginning of every round you usually start out with $800. This allows you to buy pistols only. I would buy the Night Hawk/Desert Eagle and secondary ammo. If you buy this you will have $30 left, 7 bullets in your clip, and 21 reload bullets. This gun is very powerful, but the accuracy is the greatest. So what I do is shoot, retreat, shoot. This is very efficient when you are against a rifle.
The best rifle for the terrorists is the AK-47 because it is cheep, has very powerful bullets, and has great accuracy when firing in short bursts. The best rifle for the counter terrorists is the MA41/Colt because its power is ok, you can silence it, and its accuracy is very good.
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cs-condition 0-cheats&tips
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